Best floor gaming chairs

Get down with it.

Image by Floguor via Amazon

Floor gaming chairs are a relaxing alternative to regular chairs for console gamers. Most floor chairs offer similar comfort levels to standard gaming chairs, but they have a lower seating position closer to the ground.

One of the advantages of floor gaming chairs is their mobility. The majority of floor gaming chairs are foldable, so they are easy to move around and can fit in tight storage areas. Being foldable makes them ideal for smaller homes or offices where a regular chair would take up too much space. 

Here are the five best floor gaming chairs currently available. 

Best overall floor gaming chair

X Rocker Pro Series H4

Image via X Rocker

X Rocker’s Pro Series H4 is packed with features like built-in speakers and a vibration function. It also has ample padding and can fold away when it’s not in use.

Having built-in speakers adds to the immersion. This floor gaming chair has a 2.1 speaker system with two speakers on the headrest and a subwoofer in the backrest. There is a panel on the right side of the chair with audio controls and audio ports. Alternatively, users can connect the Pro Series H4 to their console via Bluetooth with the included digital to analog converter (DAC). The DAC plugs into the audio port of the console and transmits the sound to the chair.

Vibration is another advanced feature of the Pro Series H4. It has three motors built into it that vibrate together with the game sounds. Users can adjust the vibration levels up or down using a knob on the side panel, but they can’t use the function with the sound off.

Another feature not commonly found on floor gaming chairs is the inclusion of armrests. The armrests on the Pro Series H4 aren’t adjustable, but they still provide decent support for players.

For a floor gaming chair, the Pro Series H4 has advanced features like built-in sound and vibration to make it stand out. While it doesn’t come cheap, it still offers great value because of its abilities. 

Best beanbag floor gaming chair

Big Joe Roma Chair

Image via Big Joe

The Big Joe Roma Chair is a simple bean bag chair with no fancy technology built into it. Despite its basic construction, it has enough padding to be comfortable, and it comes in a range of options.

Compared to the Pro Series H4, the Roma has multiple upholstery and color options. Some options include Lenox in Moonstone Tesselation, SmartMax in Spicy Lime, and Plush in black. All three fabrics are polyester-based synthetics that are easy to clean and resistant to stains. 

Most bean bag chairs eventually lose their shape and require a refill. It’s easy to refill the Roma chair because Big Joe sells bean refill packs separately. 

One of the best things about bean bag chairs is that they mold to the shape of the user’s body. The Roma can work as a regular floor chair, and users can also prop against a wall for added support. It’s also easy to move around, thanks to measuring 42 inches long, 36 inches wide, 25 inches tall, and weighing only 5.85 pounds. 

While the Roma chair doesn’t have advanced features like the Pro Series H4, it’s still a worthwhile choice. It’s soft, comfortable, and comes at an affordable price within reach of most buyers.

Best lounge floor gaming chair

Floguor Lounger Chair

Image by Floguor via Amazon

Lounge chairs can be a more relaxing alternative to regular floor chairs for users who like to kick back while they play. Floguor’s Lounger Chair is foldable and has adjustability options for users to find the most comfortable seating position. 

Flexibility is one of the standout features of the Floguor’s Lounger Chair. The chair is divided into three segments, including the backrest, headrest, and leg rest. Each segment can move up and down depending on the user’s needs. The headrest can move backward to prop against a wall or move forward for more neck support. Users can also adjust the backrest into an upright seating position or leave it flat when they’re lying down. Even the leg rest can move up and down depending on how much support the user wants.

Being flexible also allows the Floguor Lounger Chair to be stored easily. When it’s unfolded, the chair is 41.3 inches long, 30 inches wide, and 22 inches high. It comes down to 29.9 inches long by 22 inches wide and 15.3 inches high when it’s folded up. 

The Floguor Lounger chair is only worth it for users who prefer reclining to sitting upright. It doesn’t offer as much support as the Pro Series H4.

Best budget floor gaming chair

Birdrock Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Floor Chair

Image via Birdrock

The Birdrock Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Floor Chair is an affordable floor gaming chair with many color options.

Despite its basic design, the Birdrock Memory Foam Chair is comfortable for hours of play. The chopped memory foam provides ample padding, and the fabric is also quite soft. Users can adjust the chair into 14 different positions ranging from lying flat to having the backrest folded up at a 90-degree angle. 

There are numerous color options available, so users can choose whichever one they prefer. Some of the colors options available on the Birdrock memory foam chair include eggplant, gray, brown, orange, and blue. 

Like the Floguor Lounger Chair, the Birdrock Memory Foam Chair is lightweight and easy to move around. It weighs 10.5 pounds and measures 22.5 inches long, 19 inches wide, and 23 inches high when it’s in a flat position.

Birdrock’s Memory Foam Chair may be basic, but it still has some attractive features. Its low price makes it affordable for most users, and it comes in a range of colors appealing to adults and children. 

Best ergonomic floor gaming chair

Floguor Swivel Gaming Floor Chair 

Image by Floguor via Amazon

A common complaint about floor chairs is that they don’t offer as much support as other chair types. But the Floguor Swivel Gaming Floor Chair bucks the trend by providing a tall backrest and massive armrests.

Like the Roma and Bridrock chairs, the Floguor Swivel Gaming Floor Chair comes in many colors. It features high-density foam with Linen upholstery in black, brown, blue, and gray. 

For a floor gaming chair, the Floguor is quite large and has a high weight capacity. The seat measures 22.1 by 16.5 inches, and the backrest is 20.8 inches tall. This chair is ideal for larger users, thanks to its 6-foot-3-inch height capacity and 220-pound weight limit. 

Floguor’s Swivel Gaming Floor Chair has multiple adjustability options for added comfort. It has a recliner function with five different positions available, and it can swivel up to 360-degrees. Like the other chairs on this list, it can also fold away for easy storage. 

Compared to the alternatives listed here, the Floguor Swivel Gaming Floor Chair is bigger and more spacious. It’s ideal for both adults and children, and its solid construction offers excellent support.

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