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Jin Sakai in the green land of Ghost of Tsushima
Image via Sucker Punch

How to get steel in Ghost of Tsushima

Use steel to forge a path for liberation, one blade at a time.

Embarking on a perilous journey across the Mongol-infested realm of Ghost of Tsushima requires more than just courage and skill; you also need well-upgraded weapons to stand against your foes, and for that, gathering steel is essential. 

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Steel is one of the many resources primarily used to upgrade your Katana and Tanto. Upgrading these weapons increases their damage, making them more effective in combat. Given the challenging dynamics of the game, finding steel can become quite a tedious task, to counter this here’s a comprehensive guide on how you can get steel in Ghost of Tsushima.

How to get steel in Ghost of Tsushima

Jinn Sakai looting a chest
Search for chests to find steel. Screenshot by Dot Esports

There are two main ways of acquiring steel in Ghost of Tsushima. The first is looting Mongol-controlled camps and outposts. There are multiple locations for these camps scattered across Tsushima, identifiable by the small red markers on the map. Defeat the enemies patrolling the camps and thoroughly explore the site to yield valuable resources including steel.

After clearing a camp, search all tents, watchtowers, and guard posts as steel is often found in them. Additionally, complete optional objectives within the camps such as freeing up prisoners or assassinating a certain number of guards to be rewarded with extra resources.

Secondly, liberate villages to earn steel in the game. Mongol-controlled villages store a stockpile of supplies that you can loot after driving out the invaders. Speak with the freed villagers to gain extra quests, which often leads to more steel.

Other ways of getting steel in Ghost of Tsushima

The world of Ghost of Tsushima is filled with many secrets and treasures to uncover. Explore the open world and keep an eye out for Mongol convoys, enemy patrols, and abandoned camps to earn a significant amount of steel and precious metals. Exploring shrines and finding hidden fox dens can sometimes lead to resourceful materials such as steel as a reward.

In addition to looting and scavenging for steel, you can also trade with Trappers (vendors) roaming around the liberated villages to earn a bit of steel. The vendors usually carry linen, silk, and ammunition for enhancing your gear but often they’ll be carrying a bit of steel that can be purchased.

By efficiently utilizing these methods, you’ll be able to gather a large amount of steel to upgrade your weapons and face the Mongol threat with increased power.

Best steel farming method in Ghost of Tsushima

Jin Sakai looting a chest
Best farming method for steel. Screenshot by Dot Esports

For those looking to upgrade their weapons to the max before facing Khotun Khan, there’s an efficient steel farming method available. First, clear out a Mongol territory and then start searching for supply chests that contain steel. Then head into the pause menu and select the option, Restart Checkpoint.

This action will spawn you back into the liberated site with all of the previously opened chests closed again. Repeat this process as many times as needed to collect an ample amount of steel for enhancing your weapons in Ghost of Tsushima.

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