The best places to play chess online, Chess24, and more.

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With the recent growth in popularity of chess on platforms like Twitch, you might find yourself interested in giving online chess a try.

A combination of endemic chess streamers as well as events like PogChamps have helped drive viewership and bring it to a whole new audience of people on the internet. 

While there are plenty of places to play chess online, a few in particular stand out above the rest as the go-to spots. Here is a list of the best places to place chess online. is by far the most popular place to play chess online. If you’ve watched any of the most popular chess channels like GMHikaru, GothamChess, or BotezLive, this is the website you saw them play on. 

With lessons, puzzles, drills, tournaments, and news, has more to offer than just competition against other players and bots.

The website has multiple membership options that give you access to extra puzzles, lessons, bots to play against. The memberships also give you an ad-free experience on the site.

If you want to play chess on the same website as the top players and streamers in the world, this is the website you’ll want to visit.


Lichess boasts a variety of game modes, but doesn’t have the same community or training features as a website like

As a notably free open-source website, Lichess has a variety of chess training features and customizable games, but you might have to wait a little bit longer to find opponents than you would on a site like because it’s userbase isn’t as large.


Chess24 has many of the same features that does. With a free base membership, the website offers numerous premium services just like

The website has a variety of content for learning and training on a user-friendly interface. If you’re looking for the best place to play chess outside of, this website likely has everything you need.

Internet Chess Club

Internet Chess Club is one of the original online chess options and requires a premium membership.

Before places like gained popularity, ICC was the top place online to play chess against the best players in the world. Along with training and educational resources, the website has U.S. Chess Federation official tournaments. 

While there is a 30-day free trial on the website, if you want to get the most out of ICC, you’ll likely want to get a paid subscription. That will give you access to tournaments and additional educational resources.