All playable Tom Clancy’s XDefiant factions

More to come before or after launch?

Image via Ubisoft

Ubisoft’s new free-to-play multiplayer shooter, Tom Clancy’s XDefiant, seeks to bring in several different interested fanbases by adding factions from a handful of popular Tom Clancy franchises. From games like The Division, Splinter Cell, and Ghost Recon, each faction comes with its own set of traits and abilities suiting different playstyles.

Currently, the game is still in pre-alpha mode, only available to play in a PC-only closed test. If you’re just joining that test now, or are interested in playing in the future, here’s a brief rundown of each of the four factions you can currently play.


Image via Ubisoft

Hailing from the The Division universe, the Cleaners are a collection of unified sanitation workers turned into a task force for purification by fire. When the virus ravaged New York City, the Cleaners sought to eradicate it with flames aplenty. It’s pretty safe to assume if you play as a Cleaner in XDefiant, you will probably have access to some sort of weapon or ability that deals fire damage. One of those potential abilities appears right at the beginning of the IGN exclusive gameplay video when the player sends out an aerial drone that shoots fire. The same character has a Q ability that has the Cleaners’ recycling logo on it.


Image via Ubisoft

The Wolves come from Ghost Recon Breakpoint. They are a group of ex-Ghosts that rallied under the command of former Ghost Team leader Cole Walker, and sought to bring down a U.S. military they saw as corrupt and vulnerable. In Breakpoint, enemy Wolves use all kinds of military gadgets and devices, including flashbangs and demo packs. The XDefiant page on the Ubisoft website shows a character with a piece of headgear that seems similar to the Wolves’ using what looks like a type of high-tech personal shield.

The IGN exclusive video also shows a character that has the Wolves icon where their Q ability would be and can deploy some kind of electric shield as one of their abilities. When that Q ability is used, a large personal shield pops in around the player and they get a new weapon, but the cinematic doesn’t show what the weapon does.


Image via Ubisoft

Introduced in The Division 2, the Outcasts are a group of survivors from the Roosevelt Island quarantine zone, seeking revenge on the surviving world for how they were treated. They look to kill anyone in their path and continue the spread of the virus.

The Outcasts icon appears over the Q ability meter again during the IGN video. That character throws a device that looks like the Hive ability from The Division games, an AOE attack that can either heal allies or hurt enemies.


Image via Ubisoft

Lastly, there is the Echelon faction from Splinter Cell, also known as Third Echelon and, later, Fourth Echelon. This branch of the United States NSA spearheaded the Splinter Cell division, the iconic and also secretive black ops division whose first operative was Sam Fisher, the protagonist of the series.

Near the end of the IGN video, fans can spot a character with Echelon symbol at the bottom using what appears to be an active camo ability. The same character then uses their Q ability, where they put on a pair of goggles that reveal enemy positions through walls.