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How to farm Purified Water in Fallout 4

Only purified water can clench your thirst.

Purified Water has immense value in Fallout 4 because it’s crucial for sustaining life amid the post-apocalyptic landscape of the Commonwealth. To navigate the wasteland successfully, finding Purified Water is crucial, especially given its ability to restore health.

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The easiest way to get Purified Water Fallout 4 is to simplypurchase it from vendors. It costs a lot of Bottle Caps, though, and spending Caps on a resource isn’t the way to go. The alternative is farming your own Purified Water, and we’ll show you how.

How to farm Purified Water in Fallout 4

There are various methods for farming Purified Water in Fallout 4. The first one involves installing a Small Water Pump and Generator within a settlement. If any of your settlements are near a water source, like a lake or river, you can install the pump directly into the water.

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After acquiring both components, navigate to the water source within your settlement and enter Workshop mode. In the workshop menu, select the Water tab and choose the Water Purifier Pump. Position it within the water source, then return to land to position the Generator nearby for power. Connect the Generator to the Water Purifier by selecting the Attach Wire option.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you can start collecting bottles of Purified Water from the Workshop for storage. Implementing multiple Water Pumps across your settlements yields a plentiful amount Purified Water you can trade with vendors for Bottle Caps.

To get more Purified Water, construct Industrial Water Purifier Pumps. These industrial pumps require additional materials for crafting and are twice the size of standard Water Pumps. The installation process is the same, but Industrial Pumps increase the risk of attracting raids to your settlements.


When setting up several Industrial Water Purifier Pumps in your settlements, make sure to build a defensive line around them. This helps keep the pumps safe from raids by enemies in the Commonwealth, where resources are hard to come by.

Other ways of farming Purified Water in Fallout 4

If your settlement isn’t near a water source, another option is to interact with the robot companion, Codsworth, and skip time once every 24 hours. Doing so gives you a bottle of Purified Water immediately. While this is less profitable than other methods, it’s still a convenient alternative for farming Purified Water.

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Lastly, another way to farm Purified Water is to search for it as random loot scattered throughout the wastelands. Exploring Vault 95 can sometimes yield additional bottles in times of need.

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