Mirage player counters enemy Mirage with his ultimate ability in Apex Legends

Confusing, isn't it?

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

It turns out Mirage in Apex Legends can bamboozle himself. A player used Mirage’s Vanishing Act ability earlier today to counter an enemy who also used Mirage’s ultimate. 

A Mirage player was engaging an enemy team when an opposing Mirage escaped through a door. The player pursued the enemy and chased them around the building while dealing small amounts of damage every few seconds. The enemy eventually used Mirage’s ultimate to try to confuse the player, but it didn’t go as expected. 

The enemy used the Vanishing Act ability, which deploys several decoys as a distraction while the player is cloaked. This is a great tool to escape dangerous situations because it’s challenging to keep track of the real player. The player decided to use their ultimate to add to the chaos and to counter the enemy with their decoys. 

The player turned invisible for a few seconds and scanned the area to try to locate the enemy. They noticed one of the Mirage decoys walking normally and realized it was the real enemy and immediately opened fire. They eliminated the enemy, who was confused by the situation and proved Mirage can be countered with his own ability. 

Mirage’s abilities allow players to escape sticky situations and confuse enemies with their decoys. The enemy Mirage thought they’d gain an advantage by using their ultimate and didn’t expect the same ability to be their downfall. 

If you’re a Mirage player, don’t be afraid to use your abilities against yourself.