Here are the best legends for Apex’s solo mode

Which one will you choose?

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Apex Legends’ heavily-requested solo mode released with the two-week Iron Crown Collection event last week. Now that the dust has had time to settle, a few legends have separated themselves from the rest of the pack, proving themselves to be the best characters for players to pick in the limited time mode.

Here are the best legends to use in Apex’s solo mode.


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Pathfinder has a unique advantage over other legends in his ability to reach Apex’s highest vantage points. The best Pathfinders can use their grapples to scale mountains, outmaneuver their enemies, dodge attacks, or pull opponents closer.

The robotic legend has more than just a grapple and a zip line, however. Players can use his Insider Knowledge to scout out the next ring, allowing them to set up areas of defense and gain control over late-game circles.

Pathfinder has a unique hitbox, making it more difficult for enemies to land their shots. With this advantage, however, Pathfinder takes five percent additional damage, so players will need to effectively use their mobility to get the better end of the trade-off.


Apex Legends trick
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Like Pathfinder, Wraith has the ability to outmaneuver her opponents with Into the Void and Dimensional Rift. Many players take advantage of her tactical ability and its invincibility to set up portals in late-game scenarios, weaving in and out of the circle to reposition themselves. Wraith’s portals can also be used to bait enemies and users can defend one side of the tunnel to target any players who come out.

The most useful trait about Wraith in Apex’s solo mode is her passive, Voices from the Void. With this ability, Wraith players can tell when an enemy is aiming at her before they locate them. Additionally, the voices tell Wraith when a pesky Caustic has left traps nearby, helping players avoid stumbling into a building controlled by an enemy.

Wraith has one of the smallest hitboxes in the game, making her more difficult to lock down in the heat of a firefight. But like Pathfinder, this pro comes with a negative. Incoming damage is increased by five percent, meaning Wraith players will need to use their size and mobility to their advantage to avoid taking extra damage.


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Caustic can be hit or miss in Apex’s solo mode, but with a little bit of luck, the Toxic Trapper can be one of the most powerful late-game opponents.

With his gas traps, Caustic excels in close-proximity fights. His best bet during earlier stages of the game is to find a building, set up traps, and then relocate as the circle closes in. If the late-game ring lands on a building, Caustic players can gain control of the area, forcing his enemies into tricky positions.

Caustic’s traps aren’t just limited to buildings, however. The Toxic Trapper’s gas traps slow enemies and provide an area of cover for himself—much like Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher. Players can throw out their traps to zone enemies, forcing them into certain positions or areas as they attempt to avoid incoming damage.


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No one comes close to Mirage when it comes to faking out enemies, and this ability is a powerful tool in one-vs-one situations.

Mirage’s first trick is his decoy. When approaching high traffic areas, the Holographic Trickster can send out a look-alike to bait out shots, testing the waters to see if any enemies are lying in wait. With this ability, players can get an advantage over their opponents before they realize where the real Mirage is.

Since it’s solos, players won’t be able to take full advantage of Mirage’s passive ability unless they have access to a level four knockdown shield. But it’s the power behind Mirage’s ultimate, Vanishing Act, that sets him apart from other characters in the game.

While in a standoff against an opponent, Mirage players can summon a team of decoys to draw enemy fire away from themselves. Once players cast their ultimate, they become invisible to the enemy’s eye, granting themselves a brief period of time where they can reposition to a more favorable area.