Apex Legends players are frustrated with new trackers introduced in Warriors patch

Even a little change can throw your banner fashion under the bus.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

As the release of Apex’s Warriors collection event neared, Respawn’s patch notes mentioned a tracker had been added for ‘Battle Royale Wins’. What the patch notes didn’t mention is that it was less of an addition and more of an edit to previously existing trackers that covered the battle royale portion of the game.

Now all battle royale trackers list as BR Wins and BR Kills regardless of the season these statistics were achieved in. It’s made for some very confusing visuals on any banner with win trackers from multiple seasons equipped.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

It didn’t take long for fans to vent some major frustrations with this seemingly small change.

“WTF happened to our Trackers?” wrote one impassioned fan, who was even more confused upon the discovery that some of the earlier seasonal trackers had been incorrectly changed to list the mode as ‘BP’ instead of BR. “Is it just me or are the new names ugly,” posted another, taking a screenshot of how even the general trackers have been updated to include the BR acronym.

Many commenters under the post joked about what the acronym stood for, but others discussed their confusion around the change.

“I don’t even get it. They already had the prefix for arenas trackers and there’s not going to be any control trackers so what’s even the point of putting “BR” in front of every tracker”, read one reply.

Apex fans’ general disdain toward the change was made even more apparent under one discussion thread posted about the tracker’s update.

While seasonal trackers used to clearly state which season the stats were acquired in, something like a Season Eight Wins tracker is now only listed as BR Wins with season eight’s logo beside it. These logos are easy to miss and unrecognizable to most.

While the execution of the change may not be landing well with the player base, some fans have been speculating that the sweeping update to the existing trackers suggests more permanent game modes on the horizon for Apex Legends.

“There’s literally 0 reason to do this if you only are going to have 2 modes”, a Reddit user said. “They’re doing it because in the future we’re going to have more permanent modes.”

They acknowledged that Respawn in the past has pushed back against the prospect of adding many more new modes, but the positive reception to Control may see it become permanent down the line. “This gives me further belief that Control is becoming permanent in the next season with its own trackers”, a second user said while hoping this is a sign of Control’s more consistent existence in Apex’s playlists.

Whatever the aim of the change may have been, it seems further tweaks will have to be made before fans are happy with how the trackers look on their banners. If people didn’t think banner fashion was an important part of Apex before, the reaction to this tracker update proves otherwise.