Apex bug switches legend models in the Winter Express LTM

Bloodhound can grapple now—sort of.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

It’s the final round of the Winter Express game mode in Apex Legends. You’re chasing a cornered enemy Bloodhound and you have them in your sights, but they somehow grapple away to safety using Pathfinder’s grappling hook.

It sounds like a far-fetched scenario, but it’s now within the realm of possibility thanks to a returning Apex bug. The glitch changes the skillset of some legends when respawning, but not their model, which adds a little bit of confusion to the limited-time mode.

A player submitted a video of the glitch in action last night, which shows a Pathfinder with Bloodhound’s model. The legend has all of Pathfinder’s abilities and his HUD clearly shows Pathfinder, but they’re using the in-game model for Apex‘s technological tracker.

The glitch seems to be related to the character selection before respawning, unique to Winter Express, and might be triggered by switching out legends in the final seconds before respawning.

The bug can have a deep effect on gameplay. There could be a discrepancy between the model and the legend’s hitbox, which may make them easier or harder to hit. In addition, players don’t know for sure what to expect from their enemies: the Pathfinder on the next cart might as well be a Caustic in disguise.

Other legends can also take advantage of Mirage’s buggy decoy to produce easy bamboozles thanks to a different character model. Players reported a similar bug in last year’s Holo-Day Bash and the issue seems to have made a comeback.