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Realm Royale: Complete weapon tier list

All of Realm Royale's weapons ranked
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Hi-Rez Studios’ Realm Royale is the latest addition to the popular battle royale genre, offering five distinct classes well-suited to the fantasy universe it shares with the team-based shooter Paladins.

Realm Royale features all of the same ingredients that make for a delicious battle royale pie (or, perhaps, chicken dinner). Players are dropped into a sprawling battleground where they must rush to collect weapons, armor and skills from chests to (hopefully) ensure their survival.

There’s also a crafting system that allows for creation of incredibly powerful, class-specific Legendary weapons, which requires the collection of Shards obtained by disenchanting loot and killing players.

Getting to know Realm Royale’s weapons

In Realm Royale, players can carry a total of two weapons, which they can freely switch between by pressing the corresponding hotkeys ([1] and [2], by default). At the time of writing, there are seven different weapons with four rarities each, as well as a unique Legendary weapon for each class (five in total). The Shotgun and Sword are hitscan weapons, basically meaning that where you click is where you’ll hit. The Heirloom Rifle, Revolver, Crossbow, Poison Pistol, and Slug Rifle are all projectile-firing weapons, and as such can be a bit more difficult to aim.

Weapons of higher rarities simply deal increased damage; they do not feature random affixes or any other increased stats. Legendary version of the basic weapons can be acquired from Gold Chests that randomly spawn on the map. When a Gold Chests spawns, an icon will appear on the map and, if you're close enough, you will be able to see orange beams shooting to the sky, to help you locate the chest. The class-specific Legendary weapons are crafted at the Forge. You can learn more about crafting in Realm Royale in our guide to forging.

Weapons in Realm Royale do not suffer durability loss and can be fired infinitely without the need to collect ammunition. You will still have to reload, of course, and each weapon features its own ammo count and reload speed. These attributes remain the same for each weapon of a specific type, regardless of rarity.

Realm Royale is still in Early Access, so new weapons could be added in future updates. Additionally, weapon stats will likely be constantly adjusted until a good balance is met, so keep in mind that this list may change with future patches. We’ll be updating the guide as often as possible to reflect the current meta on live servers. Here’s our picks for the most powerful weapons in Realm Royale!

Ranking Realm Royale’s most powerful weapons

Tier 1

Legendary weapons

The class-specific Legendary weapons are undoubtedly the strongest weapons in Realm Royale as they are uniquely powerful and generally deal tons of damage. Because of this, they can all be considered top-tier weapons, but we have included them below in a tier list of their own, ranked from best to worst.

The Hunter’s Longbow is the overall top of these, capable of dealing serious damage (900 per hit) and holding two shots before needing to reload. Additionally, it’s easy to use at close-range as well as from afar, giving it the versatility needed to be an overall top-tier weapon.

The Warrior’s Throwing Axe is has an excellent rate of fire and doesn’t require reloading (infinite axes!). Provided you can aim it properly, the Throwing Axe is easily one of the best weapons in the game and certainly the best choice for Warriors. It’s only real downside is that it lacks the same efficiency at longer range than it does at close or medium range. You didn’t pick Warrior to be fighting long-range anyway, though, right?

The Assassin’s Sniper Rifle comes close to the Longbow in sheer power, but has a slightly higher skill ceiling. The Sniper Rifle can deliver an incredible 2200 damage if you land the right shot (1100 x 2x headshot damage modifier), but has recently lost its capability to one-hit kill fully armored players. This is probably a good thing. With such strong raw power, the Sniper Rifle, like other class Legendaries, is certainly a the top choice.

The Mage’s Legendary, Stone Spear, fires three projectiles quite quickly, and if you manage to land the first one you'll likely land all three. This makes the Stone Spear a powerful force for close-range combat, though it is a bit harder to land those shots at longer range. The burst from this weapon combos well with the Mage's Fireball ability.

The Engineer’s Plasma Launcher isn’t as powerful as it could or should be, but it’s still a great choice depending on your playstyle. It is capable of inflicting strong damage at close to medium range and also deals splash damage, which a unique feature of the weapon. However, it can also deal self-damage to the Engineer which honestly isn't really all that fun.

Tier 2

Revolver: The Revolver is a decent all-purpose pistol weapon with a great rate of fire. It can hold six shots, but has a painfully slow reload speed (the slowest of all non-Legendary weapons). It is included in this tier mainly for its overall functionality, as it makes for a great secondary weapon choice. It's also worth noting that the Revolver is one of the few hitscan weapons left in the game at this point (meaning you will hit exactly where you fire, with no projectile delay), which can make it significantly easier to use.

Slug Rifle: It’s worth starting off by stating that the Slug Rifle isn’t really a rifle, so don't go into it thinking it'll be anything like the Heirloom Rifle. It fires projectiles (slugs!) at close to medium range targets. While its individual shots are powerful, its rate of fire and slow reload hinder the weapon's overall damage output capability. However, if your aim is good, it's still a great choice due to the high individual shot damage and effective range.

Heirloom Rifle: The Heirloom Rifle offers good damage with a solid effective firing range. It holds a total of six shots, which make it great for use in hectic fights offering minimal downtime for reloading. While it's no longer the all-around powerhouse that it was in previous Early Access patches, it's still a good weapon and excels at close to medium range combat without the damage falloff of the Revolver. it's worth noting that it is now a projectile weapon, requiring a bit more skill to effectively land shots.

Tier 3

Shotgun: The Shotgun is a fairly well-balanced weapon that, as expected, will be your go-to when fighting at close range. However, it's damage and accuracy falls off substantially as the distance between you and your target increases, leaving the Shotgun relegated to close-range combat only and limiting its overall versatility. The Shotgun can still be very brutal on classes with gap closing abilities, including the Assassin and Warrior.

Sword: Admittedly, the sword is only as good as the person wielding it. It’s the only melee weapon in the game (aside from the knife), which is notable enough to include it highly on this list. It’s certainly not for everyone, but it would be silly to ignore the Sword’s raw damage output when including it on this list. A Legendary quality Sword can deal 880 damage per hit, and its relatively fast swing speed make it a viable choice for those who prefer close-range combat.

Tier 4

Poison Pistol: Admittedly, the Poison Pistol is a pretty cool and unique weapon. It fires multiple projectiles that, when hitting a target, will deal initial damage along with additional damage over time. Unfortunately, it’s hindered by its short range and projectile speed. It can be a powerful weapon in the early-game if you land your shots, as that extra damage over time can do quite a number on an unarmored player, but its power falls off relatively quickly as the game progresses.

Crossbow: While technically a long-range weapon, the Crossbow simply fails to deliver at anything beyond short- to medium-range. It did recently receive substantial damage buffs which may make it a more desirable weapon of choice for close-range combat, possibly taking the place of the Revolver. It does feature an incredibly fast rate of fire, which can dish out some good damage especially when used at close-range, but unfortunately the Crossbow still fails to hit the target.

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