New Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG set, Burst of Destiny, revealed

No further details were given outside of the July release date.

Image via Konami

The next Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG set has been officially announced by Konami. Burst of Destiny will launch on July 17. 

Not many details were included in the announcement outside of the standard information that there will be 30 booster packs per box and will include several new cards that “strengthen past popular archetypes.”

Based on the name, fans are already speculating that there might be new Arcana Force or Destiny Hero support included. D-Heroes have been competitively viable several times in the past and new support could put them back on the map pretty easily if it’s good. 

Arcana Force is much more tricky since most of those cards rely on coin flip effects to decide what abilities will be used, with one being positive and the other usually being negative for the user. 

Outside of that, another far out idea is seeing new support for cards originally released in the Rise of Destiny set from 2004. This includes iconic cards like Dark Blade the Dragon Knight, The Creator, and everyone’s favorite, Mokey Mokey. 

More information on Burst of Destiny should be released in the coming weeks as we get closer to the launch of the Dawn of Majesty set on April 17.