Mythic Dungeon International Shadowlands season 1, Cup 4: Scores and results

Get ready for the finals.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The final week of WoW’s Mythic Dungeon International season before the Shadowlands season one finals is here and the rivalry between Echo and Perplexed is only intensifying. 

While this is the last chance for teams to earn points toward one of six qualification spots for the finals, the top-six teams were practically locked in after the last cup. 

Technically, Golden Guardians haven’t solidified their position, but their closest competition for the final spot at the moment is The Pitu’s Angels, who haven’t won a match yet this season.

At the upper end of the league, Echo have started to assert their dominance over Perplexed after losing the first cup of the season. In the past two cups, Echo have beaten Perplexed in the finals. 

Cup No. 4 can be watched live on World of Warcraft’s official YouTube channel throughout the weekend with coverage starting every day at 12pm CT.

This post will be updated with tournament results as they become final.

Image via World of Warcraft