How to watch the WoW Mythic Dungeon International Season 1 Global Finals

Will Echo take it home?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The Season 1 Global Finals for the World of Warcraft Mythic Dungeon International starts this weekend with the top six teams from the Global Regions competing along with two teams from China.

All eight teams will compete in a double-elimination bracket for a combined $300,000 prize pool from Friday through Sunday.

The event will be live throughout the weekend exclusively broadcast through the official World of Warcraft YouTube channel. Coverage starts at 12pm CT on Friday.

With strong performances during the Global Region cups, Echo and Perplexed are the favorites to meet up in the finals as the No. 1 and 2 teams. 

While Perplexed was able to take out Echo in the first Global Region cup, Echo strung three straight cup wins in the rest of the qualification process to solidify the top seed.

The first round matchups are as shown: 

  • No. 1 Echo vs. No. 8 Stygia
  • No. 4 Obey Alliance vs. No. 5 Does Gargoyle Stream?
  • No. 2 Perplexed vs. No. 7 Just So So
  • No. 3 PI Me vs. No. 6 Golden Guardians