How to engage Gristlebeak in WoW Shadowlands

This easy tip should help you pick up the loot from this rare.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The World of WarcraftShadowlands expansion brought a number of rare encounters you might find in the new zones. Not all of them are attackable at start, requiring you to figure out how to activate the mob before you engage it.

One of such rares is the Gristlebeak located in the Maldraxxus, the home of the Necrolords. To activate it, you need to attack some objects to taunt it. Luckily for players, they’re not far away from the rare itself, so it shouldn’t be a problem to activate.

How to engage Gristlebeak

  • Locate the eastern part of the Theater of Pain in Maldraxxus (55.41, 60.65 coordinates)
  • Find and destroy “Unusual Eggs” on the ground
  • After destroying a couple of eggs, Gristlebeak will descend
  • Kill it and pick up your achievement and loot

Gristlebeak is a part of the Adventurer of Maldraxxus achievement, which requires you to kill 22 rares in the zone. The respawn timer of these rares can vary from a couple of minutes to hours, so if you don’t encounter the rare where it should usually spawn, it’s a good idea to check the respawn timer before waiting it out.

While the reward for completing this achievement is only 10 achievements points, some rares can drop nice transmog armor, weapons, and covenant-specific mounts.