Echo catch up to Liquid in Race to World First, both guilds reach first ‘Wall’

Both guilds are stuck on Halondrus the Reclaimer.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Team Liquid may have leveraged their early access to WoW’s newest raid to develop an early lead in the Race to World First, but as is typical for the contest, Echo has caught up as both of the guilds hit the first true test of the raid.

While each guild has already managed to take out six of the raid’s 11 bosses in 40 or fewer attempts, both Liquid and Echo are finding themselves a bit stuck at the moment while progressing on Halondrus the Reclaimer. 

At time of writing, Liquid have the best attempt of the two guilds with a sub-60-percent wipe and both guilds have tried the boss significantly more than any other boss so far, making it clear that this is the first true “Wall” of the raid.

In any given raid, a Wall is considered to be a difficult boss that requires an ample number of attempts to kill during a race. This could be due to a damage or healing requirement or because of coordination and strategy needs. 

As Echo and Liquid began progression on Halondrus, some of the boss’ extremely unforgiving mechanics that require massive amounts of coordination have stalled out each group, making the boss take a significant number of attempts.

The first Wall of the raid coming this early serves as a bit of a surprise. Oftentimes, a boss of this difficulty during a Race to World First will come slightly further along in the raid than just past the halfway mark.