Blizzard nerfs Mythic+ dungeons in latest WoW hotfix

Grimrail Depot is finally getting nerfed!

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

On Aug. 2, Blizzard Entertainment launched season four in World of Warcraft’s Shadowlands with the goal of freshening up the stale game that surely won’t see new content until the upcoming expansion Dragonflight releases. Since season four was a passion project of only a few game developers, there was, naturally, a lack of testing and tuning that resulted in highly overtuned encounters going live. 

After feedback from the community, Blizzard finally nerfed Mythic+ dungeons across the board with the latest hotfix. Since the latest WoW mega dungeon Tazavesh, the Veiled Market has been live since season three, there was no need for any additional changes. On the other hand, older Mythic+ dungeons included in season four Mythic+ dungeon pool were definitely in line for nerfs.

Here’s a complete list of changes Blizzard made to Mythic+ dungeons:

  • Grimrail Depot        

Grimrail Bombardier will no longer cast Double Slash on a nearby target if their current target is out of range.       

  • Iron Docks        

Thunderlord Wrangler’s Serrated Spear can now be removed by effects that clear bleeds.

  • Skulloc            

Koramar’s Berserker Leap will no longer target pets and hit players multiple times.   

  • Operation Mechagon: Junkyard        

Saurolisk Bonenipper will no longer cast Ripping Slash on a nearby target if their current target is out of range and will no longer remove Welding Bot’s Reinforced from players.   

  • Operation Mechagon: Workshop        

Defense Bot Mk III no longer detects stealth.   

  • Return from Karazhan: Lower        

Ghostly Philanthropist’s Pennies From Heaven will no longer break stealth.

  • The Opera Hall: Beautiful Beast            

Coggleston’s Dent Armor now increases damage taken by 25 percent (was 50 percent).   

  • The Opera Hall: Westfall Story            

The cooldown on Toe Knee’s Dashing Flame Gale increased from 20 to 35 seconds.

Toe Knee can no longer cast Dashing Flame Gale multiple times on a player if they had a spell active that provided immunity.   

  • The Opera Hall: Wikket            

Galindre no longer leaves Elfyra to fend for herself when the encounter is reset.   

  • Attumen the Huntsman            

Midnight’s Stamp will no longer be cast on a nearby target if their current target is out of range.