Asmongold on WoW’s next expansion: ‘If the next expansion is bad, who cares?’

The WoW veteran gives his take.

Screengrab via Asmongold on Twitch

In a recent YouTube video, popular streamer Asmongold spoke on his lack of expectations for the next World of Warcraft expansion and explained why he doesn’t care if it ultimately turns out bad.

For nearly his entire Twitch career, Asmongold’s name has seemingly been inseparably attached to Blizzard’s popular MMO, World of Warcraft. Though the streamer has since branched out to other MMOs such as Lost Ark, Final Fantasy XIV Online, and more, WoW still remains his most-viewed and most-streamed game by far, according to Twitch Tracker.

Asmongold has taken a recent hiatus from WoW. The company behind the title has come under fire for its employee treatment and the quality of the game itself has been heavily disputed. With the next expansion on the horizon, the Twitch star said the expansion and potential quality of it means very little to him.

“Let’s see what happens. Shit, there’s nothing I can do to stop it,” Asmongold said, “If Steve Danuser can cook up something good that’s fun to watch and play, then I’ll be happy about it.” Asmongold said that while he ultimately hopes the expansion will be good, he has plenty of options if it flops.

“Now, will that happen? It’s hard to say,” he said. “I’ve got a feeling that it’ll probably be better than Shadowlands.” Asmongold set the bar low, though, given the community’s opinion on the most recent expansion.

“Here’s the thing, I don’t really give a shit,” he said. “If the expansion is bad, who cares? I’ll just play Lost Ark, or New World, or Final Fantasty XIV or something. It’s not a big deal.”

With countless other MMO titles recently being released, Asmongold’s attention has been driven away from WoW. Though this new expansion will likely look to bring some life back to the franchise as well as the community, it seems like Asmongold won’t be too heartbroken if it ultimately fails.