Wild Rift player gets a lucky double kill with Olaf’s Reckless Swing

The enemy Orianna likely wasn't prepared for this.

Image via Riot Games

A Wild Rift player recently shared a video that shows how to easily get double kills as Olaf—even if it required the help of an enemy Blitzcrank flashing into a teammate.

The Olaf player engaged on a low-health Orianna but missed their Undertow. They then set their eyes on the next closest target, the opposing Blitzcrank.

With Orianna sitting safely under her tower, Blitzcrank tried to follow suit. But a well-timed Reckless Swing by Olaf secured a clean double kill after Blitzcrank flashed near the Orianna.

Wild Rift, the mobile clone of League of Legends, has recently been released in more regions. And with more players trying out the game, these highlight moments are starting to become more common with each passing day.

While some Wild Rift abilities remain unchanged compared to League’s PC counterpart, others have been adjusted for mobile play—and Reckless Swing is an example of that. Unlike the desktop version, the mobile version hits multiple enemies and well-timed strikes allow you to secure multiple kills with one ability, as seen in this clip.

If you’re an avid League player who’s looking for a change of scenery or someone who wants to play on the go, try out Wild Rift. While there are some ability tweaks for certain champions to help players adapt to mobile controls, most of them are unchanged.

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