When will League of Legends: Wild Rift ranked season 3 end?

Reaching Gold IV and 10 wins will earn the Glorious Lulu skin.

Screengrab via Riot Games

The third ranked season for League of Legends: Wild Rift started at the end of July, and players will have three months to get the best ranking possible.

Upon reaching level 10 and having unlocked 10 champions, players will be able to play ranked, where they will be placed on the ladder after 10 provisional games. After each game, the provisional rank will be displayed and adjusted for players to keep track of their progress.

After those 10 games, the players will be assigned a definitive tier placement and will be able to earn points upon victories, but also lose them after defeats. Similarly to League, the tiers range from Iron to Challenger.

After each season, players will earn rewards depending on their highest placement during the season. They will be rewarded an exclusive skin upon reaching Gold IV and after earning ten wins in this tier.

An icon and emblem will also be given to the users, with the design changing upon the highest tier reached in ranked.

Screengrab via Riot Games

When will Wild Rift ranked season three end?

Season three kicked off on July, 27 and will last three months. Although an official end date has yet to be unveiled by Riot Games, the time window hints at Oct. 27.

Since Wild Rift is still in its beta phase, the length and dates of each season may vary. The last ranked season, for example, received a one-week extension.

After the end of Season Three, the players who reached Gold IV and earned 10 wins in this tier will be rewarded with the Glorious Lulu skin exclusive to Wild Rift, as well as a golden icon and emblem.