X10 Esports miss VCT Masters 3: Berlin berth by a one-round head-to-head disadvantage

The favorites are being sent home.

Image via Riot Games

X10 Esports served as SEA’s representatives in May’s VCT Masters Two: Reykjavík event, setting them up as favorites to earn a plane ticket to Masters Three: Berlin. Due to a Spycam exploit and a one-round head-to-head disadvantage, however, the Thai team was sent home.

Team Big BAAM’s win over Galaxy Racer in this morning’s SEA Stage Three: Challengers Playoffs match sealed X10’s fate, eliminating them from the group stage and from Masters Berlin. VALORANT SEA lead Alex Archambault broke down the format earlier today.

If all four teams in Group C were tied with zero wins, the advancing squads would be determined by their overall round differential. Since BAAM was the sole team with a series victory, a three-way tie between the other squads gets decided by a head-to-head round differential. Even though X10 sported a +8 overall round differential, BOOM had a one-round advantage over the Thai team and are moving on to the playoffs.

X10 were also forced to forfeit a match against Galaxy Racer on Aug. 13 after coach and fill-in Yuttanagorn “Zues” Kaewkongyai abused a Cypher exploit on Breeze. By placing a Spycam on a glitched awning, Cypher can see incoming enemies that walk through the A site’s entrance. And the Spycam can’t be destroyed until it’s too late.

Vodafone Giants had initially abused the exploit in July’s EU VCT Stage Three: Challengers One open qualifier and were issued a one-map loss. The same rule was applied to X10 and played a part in their early exit from the Challengers Playoffs. Without the one-map loss, X10 would’ve tallied a point in the win column and joined BAAM in the playoffs.

Despite X10’s failure to qualify for Masters Berlin, they currently have the most circuit points in SEA. It’s still possible for the squad to advance to the championship in December.

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