When does VALORANT Episode 5, Act One start?

Prepare to dive.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT Episode Five, Act One will add a new map to the rotation, while also rolling out a new battle pass filled with various cosmetics like skins, gun buddies, and player cards. The release of Episode Five will also go hand-in-hand with the release of patch update 5.0, but little is known about what significant changes, if any, will be made to the game outside of the new map.

Very little has been officially released by Riot regarding what will eventually be the game’s eighth map, although several teaser images and hints have indicated that it will be set in an underwater city covered by a geodome. The hints also contain numerous phrases in Portuguese, potentially placing the city in either Brazil or Portugal. Various leakers have suggested the name “Pearl” for the eighth map. Riot also released a VALORANT song titled “Casa de Vidro,” which translates to “Glass House.”

Alongside the new map, there will be new battle pass-specific skin collections, gun buddies, player cards, sprays, and all the other cosmetics that go along with a new act.

When does VALORANT’s Episode Five, Act One start?

VALORANT Episode Five, Act One will start on Wednesday, June 22 at the conclusion of the ongoing act, barring any delays. New acts have traditionally almost always been released on Tuesdays. The current act (Episode Four, Act Three) was released on a Wednesday, though. Like previous acts, players will be able to purchase the new act’s battle pass from the store for 1,000 VP ($9.99).

Prior to Episode Five, Act One’s release, Riot is hosting a stream showcasing the new map and the Patch 5.0 notes as part of a developer livestream “hangout.” This begins at 11am CT on Thursday, June 16, followed by live gameplay from various community members beginning at 1pm CT.