When does Skye release in VALORANT?

The countdown is on.

Image via Riot Games

Skye, VALORANT’s new agent, is an Australian beast tamer who offers utility to her teammates.

Equipped with a flash, a concussion, and a heal, she can scout out her opponents with her tiger figurine, clear paths through bombsites with her trusty hawk, and keep her team topped up while doing it. 

Skye’s powers draw from the natural world and she’s as versatile as agents come in VALORANT.

With Act III fully underway, having launched on Oct. 13 with Icebox, a new frozen map, and a battle pass, Skye is almost ready to hit the live servers. 

The all-seeing, all-knowing agent is expected to release on Tuesday, Oct. 27 at approximately 9am CT before joining ranked a week or two later, barring any game-breaking bugs. 

As for competitive eligibility and professional play, she’ll be available on Nov. 11 ahead of Riot’s regional First Strike events on Dec. 3. By then, Icebox will be in the rotation and a completely new meta could be in the cards.