Viper’s Poison Cloud can block flashes before the smoke fully activates in VALORANT

Uh oh.

Image via Riot Games

Viper may have gotten the buff nobody asked for.

A VALORANT player discovered a way to block flashes using Viper’s Poison Cloud, posting a video earlier today that showcases the interaction. While it may be difficult to pull off, experienced Viper mains can exploit this strategy and avoid being blinded by enemies. Dot Esports tested this bug out in a custom match and found similar results.

Poison Cloud uses a gas emitter that creates toxic smoke, providing cover while also giving enemies a vulnerable debuff. But the ability’s brief activation window appears to cause the unintended interaction, shielding players from a blind even if it’s within their line of sight.

The player tested the interaction out using flashes from Phoenix and KAY/O, as well as Reyna’s Leer. In each scenario, Poison Cloud blocked the blind even before the actual smoke was activated. This provides a small window that Vipers can capitalize on, especially since enemies will likely think their opponent is flashed.

Executing the tactic might be difficult since the emitter has to already be placed on the floor and you need to activate the ability as soon as an enemy casts their flash. But Viper mains with foresight can easily hold angles and make enemies pay.

Riot has yet to address this interaction. But if it adversely affects competitive gameplay, the devs will likely patch it out in a future update.

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