VALORANT’s Frenzy/Stinger meta will be gone for VCT Challengers 3

It won't be missed.

Image via Riot Games

The second Challengers event of the VALORANT Champions Tour will now be known as the final resting place of the Stinger/Frenzy meta.

Challengers Two used a pre-patch 2.03 state for its competition, meaning that the nerfs and prize increases to the Stinger SMG and Frenzy pistol had not yet gone into effect. But going forward, Challengers Three and events past that will use the current patch.

100T's Quan "dicey" Tran said on stream that it's "better that the Stinger meta is gone."

What does this mean for the viewers and pros? For starters, there will be much fewer Frenzy rushes in pistol rounds since players will no longer be able to afford the Frenzy with half armor. This will also mean more eco rounds and fewer second or third-round Frenzy buys, so we'll likely see actual rifles a round or two sooner.

In Patch 2.03, the Stinger received nerfs to both its full-auto mode and zoomed burst-fire mode. Both modes are now more inaccurate with more serious recoil. The price has also increased from 1,000 credits to 1,100. While the Frenzy's fire rate and accuracy were untouched, its price increased from 400 credits to 500.

We could potentially see more Marshal play as well. The less-expensive sniper is even cheaper at 1,000 credits and players can now move around quicker while scoped in.

Open qualifiers for Challengers Three begin on Feb. 25.

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