VALORANT surrender feature “still being tested” and won’t go live this patch

But it should be coming soon.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT data miner was excited to discover a surrender feature in the game’s logs. But the complexity of the feature is going to delay it a bit. 

VALORANT executive producer Anna “SuperCakes” Donlon updated the community on the fan-requested feature today, claiming it’s “still being tested.”

Even though a surrender vote won’t be included in today’s Patch 1.01, the data miner’s discovery does give a bit more insight into what the feature might look like.

When a surrender vote is “queued,” it will activate on the next available round. Players will only be able to attempt a surrender vote from round eight and on, however. And you can only concede once per half, which should stop discouraged players from spamming it every round.

The command will be the same as Riot’s other title, League of Legends—the iconic “ff.”

It’s unclear how accurate this information is since it hasn’t been confirmed by Riot. But SuperCakes’ “nice find” comment is promising.

There’s no concrete date on when a surrender feature will be deployed in the tactical shooter. Since it’s being tested, however, fans likely won’t have to wait long.

Players can read up on the full patch notes here.