VALORANT servers to go down for 2 hours on April 15 for hotfix

Don't worry. They'll be back.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games will be going ahead with a VALORANT hotfix for European and North American servers.

The hotfix, which is set to address “a number” of map exploits, will cause NA queues to ‘freeze’ at 6:30am CT on Wednesday, April 15. The freeze will continue until 8am CT, when the servers will go offline. Riot said servers should be back at 10am CT.

For Europeans, the queues are already frozen and the servers will go down at approximately 10pm CT, according to the official VALORANT Twitter account.

In addition to the map exploit fixes, Riot said Cypher’s camera will be made less lethan under “certain… circumstances.” The developers also will fix audio dropping after consecutive games.

Yesterday, Riot said it would take down NA servers earlier today, but the tweet about it was deleted. At the time of its deletion, Riot said it was “still working on a hotfix” for the region.