VALORANT players find new ‘God spot’ for Jett on Split

Attackers have a new spot to worry about.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players discovered a new glitch above the B bombsite on Split today that allows Jett to defend the area with little risk. 

Players can use Jett’s Updraft ability to reach a satellite dish that’s directly above Split’s B bombsite. Once players reach this spot, they can shoot at enemies below and prevent them from taking the site. The spot also provides cover since players can duck behind the satellite dish when enemies finally realize where they’re hiding. 

A talented player could potentially wipe out a full team from this spot with little resistance. They could also stay hidden and provide intel to their teammates in other locations and only attack as a last resort. 

This isn’t the only spot in VALORANT that provides an unfair advantage, though. Players also found a glitch spot above the B bombsite on Ascent where they can stand on the skybox. There are other glitches affecting players too, such as Phoenix turning invisible after respawning from his ultimate ability. 

The attacking team does have a glitch of their own, though, near the B bombsite that allows Sova’s Drone to enter the wall and provide a clear view of the entire area. Using glitches to counter other bugs shouldn’t be the normal meta, however, so Riot Games will likely need to address these issues soon. 

Riot patched several of these spots during the closed beta and is consistently fixing problems as they arise. The company hasn’t acknowledged this spot specifically, but it’ll likely fix it in a future update. For now, players should take a quick look at this spot when pushing B on Split.