VALORANT players discover new elevated spot on Icebox

Check out this position in your next game.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players have found several creative ways to use the environment to their advantage on Icebox, the latest map introduced to the game.

Agents with abilities that allow them to reach high places can reach spots that most players wouldn’t usually check when moving around the map. And a few players have found a new spot in the middle lane that allows players to stand on top of a snowman. 

A player uploaded a clip of them using Raze’s Blast Pack to launch themselves high into the air. This method allowed the player to stand on top of a snowman in Mid Blue, which provides a decent view of the attacker’s spawn and middle lane on Icebox. This spot could potentially be used to cover rotations and surprise lurking players trying to flank a team. 

Players need to use both of Raze’s Blast Packs to reach this location, though, so it’s a slightly expensive spot to reach. Jett players can likely get to the area with her Updraft ability and it’s unclear if Omen can teleport to this position. Sage’s wall might be able to boost players to the spot, but it’ll be wasted and could be better used elsewhere. 

Riot hasn’t commented on this elevated position and fans are unsure if it’ll be eventually removed or patched. Riot has already issued a hotfix to address the Omen glitch that allowed players to get beneath the map in B Kitchen. This spot is far less game-breaking but can still be considered unfair to some players.