VALORANT players discover glitchy Spycam locations that allow Cypher to see through walls

Cypher's kit has made him a hotspot for bugs and glitches.

Image via Riot Games

Over the past few days, Cypher players have had to deal with some annoying glitches that have negatively affected their VALORANT experience, as well as the experience of other players. Another exploit popped up last night, this time with his Spycam ability.

Multiple players posted video evidence of Cypher being able to place his Spycam in small, inaccessible areas of the map that end up providing a glitchy view through walls and floors on the map.

On the map Split, for example, there’s a thin little wall accent on the B bombsite that Cypher can place his Spycam into. It’s relatively hard to spot as an enemy, and when activated, Cypher can see right through some walls to give him unparalleled vision of the site.

Although the vision range isn’t as long, it still has enough range to see important spots in the area, including popular spike plant spots and various angles that the opposition could be holding. Luckily, the marking dart that the Spycam fires can’t go through walls.

Another Spycam location that players have found is in the sewers near A site. If a Cypher player places his camera into a small, gated vent, he gets vision through the wall of A main, rafters, and the bottom of A heaven.

This Spycam could be exploited heavily by attackers who are trying to see if the defending team is stacking multiple players on the site. Although vision isn’t always consistent, ability particles can always be seen on the camera.

After the latest VALORANT patch, many of Cypher’s abilities have been broken. The biggest issue has to do with his Cyber Cage activating without players looking at it. Riot may need to release a micropatch that fixes these issues soon.