VALORANT players can survive Spike explosion using Reyna’s E

What can’t she do?

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT’s newest agent is definitely kicking the season off with a bang.

A VALORANT player discovered that Reyna’s invulnerability extends to the Spike’s explosion, posting a video that showcases the mechanic earlier today. Dot Esports tested this out and found similar results.

Reyna’s Dismiss (E) allows her to consume the life force of a killed enemy, turning invisible and invulnerable for a short period of time. In most cases this ability would be used to reposition yourself and avoid enemy fire. But surviving an explosion is an added bonus.

With the Spike seconds away from detonating, the Reyna player was forced to take out the enemy Phoenix instead of sticking the defuse. Using some quick thinking, Reyna consumed the Phoenix’s life force to go invulnerable and avoided an explosive death.

While this likely won’t be the most common use for her Dismiss, a Reyna can stay on site longer than her counterparts. If you know an enemy is still dawdling on site and the Spike is about to go off, you can wait them out, kill them, and go invulnerable. This can give a hit to the enemy’s eco while not affecting your own.

Reyna has incredible dueling potential, able to blind enemies and gain full health, invisibility, and invulnerability by snagging kills. Since she’s a new agent, players are still figuring out how to play against her. But if she continues to dominate matchmaking, Riot will likely tweak her in a future patch.