VALORANT players call on Riot to implement option to stay with current team after ranked matches

Maybe this could help people find suitable teammates.

Image via Riot Games

Finding good teammates while playing ranked VALORANT matches might seem impossible, but sometimes you do run into a few good apples during your games. This is why many players are asking Riot Games to implement a “stay-with-team” option at the end of games so they can continue playing with matched teammates.

There are already a few games that have this system built into the game, including Overwatch. Players have the ability to vote whether they want to stick with the current group they have before they jump into another queue time.

Some people also mentioned that this would help curb negative experiences with toxic teammates, since they can find nicer players to group up with. Toxicity has been a huge problem for the VALORANT player base since the game’s closed beta released at the start of April.

“This is a priority for us, not just in the short-term, but for as long as it takes to reassure a player—any player—that as long as they play to win in VALORANT and respect their fellow human beings, they’ll be guaranteed a similar experience in return,” VALORANT executive producer Anna “SuperCakes” Donlon said in a developer’s post.

This “stay-with-team” option could also help out with the matchmaking problems that has many players avoiding queuing up as a solo player. Many people have brought up complaints about how players can be matched with five-man squads, which is a huge disadvantage out of the gate for any solo player.

By letting solo players find other solos that they work well with, they can then create their own squad to play ranked games with. This isn’t a full solution to the matchmaking problems, but it should make things a bit better in the short-term.