VALORANT players are receiving additional free agents

A mistake was made, but they aren't complaining.

Image via Riot Games

It appears some VALORANT fans are luckier than others.

VALORANT player EPEffects was fortunate enough to receive two additional free agents on top of the two Riot originally hands out, posting a video that showcases the interaction today.

After using the beginner missions to unlock Raze and Omen, the player began Breach’s contract to eventually recruit him as well. But a change in yesterday’s patch may have potentially handed out more rewards.

While perusing agents in the Collection tab, the player discovered that they could recruit Viper and Reyna. This immediately bumped their contract tiers up to level five and made the agents playable.

The lucky player also claims to have gotten an additional 80 Radianite.

Other frustrated players claim that they’re missing their free agent unlocks while “people are out here getting extra.”

It’s unclear what caused this occurrence, but it may have been tied to a patch that tried to address missing rewards. One player commented that the same accidental reward was handed out in the APAC region after Riot rolled out a fix for missing Battle Pass and contract rewards at launch.

While it’s unlikely that Riot will revoke the reward, players with missing agent contracts should get theirs soon.