VALORANT player uses teleporter 3 times on Bind to secure hilarious round win

Sometimes, it's all about the mind games.

Image via Riot Games

Even though there are only three maps out right now in VALORANT, each of them brings their own unique flair to every match. Bind, for example, is special in that it features two teleporters that can instantly send a player across the map.

One player used these teleporters to their highest potential last night. He bamboozled his enemies by teleporting three times to secure a clutch ace and round win.

The clip starts off with his team getting shut down on the B site, even though he grabbed two quick kills. As he takes the first teleporter, his teammates immediately tell him to make “the ultimate play” by teleporting back to B.

His teammate, however, didn’t expect him to rotate back out to B long and take the teleporter one more time to give the enemy team the runaround of a lifetime. He eventually secured the last two kills to grab one of the funniest pistol aces and clutches so far during the closed beta.

Teleporters are an interesting element on Bind because players can actually throw weapons and abilities through them as well. But they make the same sound that players make when they enter the teleporter. This allows players to fool enemies by throwing pistols and other things through.

The teleporters are also an easy way to rotate from sites if an initial push goes wrong, like in the clip above. They ensure that defending players don’t rotate over to help out on sites too quickly since attackers can simply take a teleporter to the opposite side of the map in an instant.

Sometimes, throwing a curveball into the mix can make all the difference when trying to clutch out a game for your team—and this TP play is one of many you can toss at your opponents.