VALORANT player shows one-way Cypher smokes on Icebox

One-way smokes are tough to counter.

Image via Riot Games

Using abilities effectively in VALORANT is an essential part of holding sites and keeping attackers at bay. One VALORANT player recently highlighted two useful spots for one-way Cypher smokes on Icebox. 

The first spot can be used by throwing a Cyber cage from the second story on the B site. Players need to aim for a specific spot on a green container, and if done correctly, the cage will land on a raised ledge. 

The second cage is thrown from the same spot, but this time is thrown on top of the yellow container. Activating both cages simultaneously creates a wall that prevents enemies pushing from B main from seeing into the site.

But the cages create a one-way effect, which allows defenders to see enemies beneath the smoke and shoot them without risk. They can still push through the smoke, but they’ll need to use more utility to avoid being an easy kill. 

The smokes don’t cover the right side of the yellow crate, however, so keep track of enemies that push toward the right side of the site. 

Combining these one-way smokes with Cypher’s tripwires is an excellent way to hold the B site with ease. Players can also hold the A site with these Cyber cage spots if they want to keep the attackers on their toes. 

Remember to adjust your strategy every few rounds to avoid enemies learning how to counter your defenses. 

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