VALORANT player shows effective way to counter Viper boost glitch

Cheaters never prosper.

Image via Riot Games

If you’ve ever run into the newest Viper boost glitch in one of your VALORANT matches, then you know how annoying it can be to deal with. One player, however, has found an effective way to counter the bug with Cypher’s tripwires.

The glitch is executed by shooting out Viper's Toxic Screen projectile right when her teammate jumps in front of her. The result has the teammate ride the projectile, sending them flying across the map. It's a bug that is being abused by many players in the closed beta but should be fixed soon by Riot Games.

In one game, one Cypher player became fed up of dealing with the glitched boost on the map Haven. As a result, he took tripwires to C site, and placed them high above the map—perfectly in position to catch an airborne glitch abuser. When the round started, he waited patiently for his prey to spring the trap.

As he heard Viper's Toxic Screen start to deploy, he watched as the enemy riding the projectile flew right into his tripwire, springing its ability. Instead of flying deep into C site, the Jett was pulled right back in front of the Cypher, who easily took her down. It was a hilarious and satisfying way to catch the enemy team in the act.

There are multiple locations on Haven where Viper can abuse this bug, but there are also multiple places that Cypher can place a tripwire down to counter. The only problem for the defenders is finding out which site the attacking team will be using the glitch on.

In the meantime, players can only hope that Riot patches this exploit from the game in a hotfix soon.