VALORANT player secures ace with impressive trigger discipline

Trigger discipline can win rounds.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player recently managed to kill an entire team in less than 10 seconds thanks to their incredible trigger discipline. 

The player was defending the B site on Icebox and was the last player remaining on their team as the enemy squad pushed into the site to plant the spike. They let two unsuspecting players walk by them to gather more information on enemy movement. 

As the enemy team pushed further into the site, the player crept behind them and finally opened fire while they planted the spike. They killed two enemies before dashing in to eliminate the enemy planting the spike and pulled off an impressive spray transfer to secure their fourth kill. The final enemy pushed out from B Kitchen, but the player quickly eliminated them to win the round and secure an ace. 

Some players commented about how the player let the enemy Sage push into the site and kill their teammate, which can be considered baiting. But the player explained that they didn’t expect the enemy to peek and that their team was quiet throughout the match. 

Trigger discipline can help players kill multiple enemies if done correctly. It can also backfire and allow your teammates to die, however. Make sure to communicate with your team and let them know you’re intentionally holding your fire to prevent any unnecessary casualties. 

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