VALORANT player runs-and-guns their way to an ace using the Phantom

Standing still might not be required.

Image via Riot Games

Getting killed by a running player in VALORANT can be annoying, especially when this issue was supposed to be resolved in a previous patch. But you might just turn off your PC if a player killed you and two of your other teammates.

Well, that’s kind of what happened in a recent VALORANT game. In a Reddit post, a player managed to kill three players while moving, which might indicate another update is needed. 

The player encountered the majority of an enemy team pushing towards A site on Bind. They decided to engage them directly and pushed out and encountered three enemies. Instead of stopping and shooting, the player continued running and killed three enemies while moving. 

They killed the final two players for good measure and showed that running accuracy on rifles still allows players to get kills while moving. 

This was a complaint from VALORANT players earlier this year, and Riot Games increased the running error on all rifles in Patch 2.02. This helped slightly negate the issue, but players still report being killed by moving enemies. 

VALORANT is supposed to be a tactical shooter that rewards precise aiming and knowing how to control each weapon. Being able to hit enemies while moving is a break from the standard gameplay and lowers the skill ceiling. Some players believe this is for the best as it is more forgiving towards new players, while others think running and shooting should not be possible. 

It is worth mentioning the enemies in the clip were relatively close to the player, which might have helped them land the lethal shots. But they were also clearly moving, which is supposed to inhibit the accuracy of rifles. 

Riot has already addressed the issue once before, and if running and gunning becomes a significant issue, the developers will likely make further adjustments.