VALORANT player pulls off no-bullet ace with Viper

The player didn't need to fire their weapon to take out the enemy team this round.

Image via Riot Games

Sometimes it takes a while to get a grasp of a new VALORANT agent, especially when it comes to learning the best use for their abilities. But one player showed that sometimes things can quickly fall into place, showing off a no bullet ace on their first day playing Viper.

A VALORANT player was able to pull off an ace on the defender’s side of Fracture with Viper, and it didn’t even require them to fire their weapon.

After setting off Viper’s Pit on the A-Site, it was just a matter of patience and carefully picking opportunities to chase kills with Viper’s other abilities and melee weapon before things quickly shifted into their team’s favor.

The player first picked up a kill with Viper’s Poison Cloud, followed shortly by a kill within her ultimate using Snake Bite. The remaining three kills all came via a melee weapon, thanks to the health and vision reduction of Viper’s Pit.

If this was in fact the first day for this player using Viper, it can’t have been a bad one. Perhaps they should consider taking her into battle more often in the future.

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