VALORANT player pulls off impressive 1-vs-3 clutch

Patience is key.

Image via Riot Games

Patience is a virtue that a lot of VALORANT players struggle with. But one player showed how taking your time and maintaining trigger discipline can lead to a one-vs-three clutch earlier today.

A VALORANT player was the last person alive on their team against three enemies. They were near the B bombsite on Bind and had just under 40 seconds left to plant the bomb. The player noticed an enemy watching the B hall entrance but held their fire so they could get closer. 

The player got very close to the enemy before they rotated to the A bombsite. Another enemy walked right by the player without noticing them and provided an opening to get onto the B bombsite. The player found the final enemy still watching the site and killed them with a knife before planting the bomb. 

The last two enemies were rotating back from the A bombsite, so the player attempted to use Sova’s ultimate to eliminate them. They were unable to hit their shots, though, and prepared for a two-vs-one gunfight. 

The player killed one enemy with their Operator but took heavy damage from the last opponent. They retreated to the bombsite where they picked up a Vandal and prepared for the final push. The final enemy was killed with an impressive Vandal shot and the player won the round for their team. 

A lot of VALORANT players will shoot the first enemy that crosses their screen out of reflex. But learning trigger discipline allows players to outmaneuver the enemy team, like in this clip, or line up multiple kills.

The next time you find an unsuspecting enemy, wait a few seconds to see if you can catch more players by surprise.