VALORANT player pulls off 1v5 clutch to win round within 18 seconds

Never give up.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player won a one vs. five situation and prevented the enemy team from defusing the Spike—with 18 seconds between the first and the last kill.

The footage, uploaded to Reddit, shows that the Skye player was the last living member of their team and had to protect the planted Spike from five other opponents. Luckily for them, the enemy team underestimated their opponent and pushed the position despite controlling the site. 

In quick succession, the player killed four players with headshots, quickly bringing the round to a one vs. one affair. They used Skye’s ultimate ability to help find the final enemy player before pushing into the site for a final duel. 

The player held an angle on site and killed the final enemy, securing their ace and winning the round for their team. This incredible play not only kept their team in the lead, but it likely impacted the enemy team’s morale.

Defending the Spike after planting it can be difficult, even if the entire team is still alive. Defenders often push back into the site from multiple locations, and a well-coordinated team can easily retake valuable ground. Preventing the enemy team from defusing the Spike can be even harder with fewer players, but sometimes attackers can pull off incredible plays to save rounds. 

The enemy team challenged the player despite already controlling the site, which led to unnecessary deaths. But this clip also serves as a reminder that it’s not always impossible to clutch a round, even when outnumbered.