VALORANT player pulls off 1-vs-4 pistol clutch in local tournament

Always hype up your teammates when they clutch a round.

Screengrab via Riot Games

A VALORANT player managed to win a one-vs-four pistol round to secure their ace and start the match on a high note. 

VALORANT player johnmoxie uploaded a clip of the pistol round on Icebox as their team defended the planted spike. The defenders already killed three of their teammates, leaving them and their final teammate in a two-vs-four situation. Unfortunately, their teammate was killed before they could help, leaving the fate of the round on the final player’s shoulders. 

They managed to isolate enemies and use Jett’s abilities to create cover as they systematically killed three enemy players. The final enemy tried to defuse the spike, and both players traded shots but ultimately had to retreat to reload. Johnmoxie repositioned and killed the final player before they could defuse the spike, winning the intense round. 

Clutching a round is always a great feeling, but it’s even better when you’re in a call with teammates and a coach who immediately scream in excitement at the end of the round. The player’s entire team yelled “nice!” in unison, almost harmonizing and making the moment even more memorable. 

It’s unclear if the team went on to win the match, but this incredible pistol round definitely gave them a morale boost for the rest of the game. Remember, clutches are always possible if you isolate threats and use your abilities wisely. 

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