VALORANT player prevents double kill with perfectly timed Sage wall

"You will not kill my allies!"

Image via Riot Games

In VALORANT, it’s tough to play defensively when being attacked by an enemy player. But one player prevented a near-certain double kill by reacting in a defensive manner at the perfect moment. 

In a clip posted to Reddit earlier this week, a VALORANT player used Sage to place a frame-perfect wall in front of an encroaching Raze to not only prevent a would-be double kill, but also snag a round-winning takedown of their own. 

In the clip, a Raze player is seen barreling over the top-mid section of Icebox, priming the Showstopper (X) for a potential double kill on a nearby Sage player and one of their teammates. 

The Sage’s teammate, a Jett player, would have been surely taken out by the opposing Raze’s Showstopper had they not been able to get behind a wall and block out the projectile. Luckily, the Sage player came to the rescue at the perfect time, putting an end to the enemy Raze player’s strategy by creating an impromptu wall with a cast of Barrier Orb (C). 

Before the Sage’s wall could even be cast to its fullest extent, the Raze player’s rocket had destroyed it completely. But the wall did its job, absorbing the entirety of Raze’s Showstopper and preventing a surefire double kill.

Furthermore, the raised Sage wall gave the Sage player a perfect vantage point over the Raze once they had dropped down off a nearby ledge. The Sage player’s advantageous positioning gave them the opportunity to land a quick body shot on the Raze, ending the round and placing their team one round away from a victory.

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