VALORANT player highlights useful spots for Skye’s Guiding Light ability

Make sure to use Skye's flash ability effectively.

Image via Riot Games

Skye is the newest agent introduced in VALORANT and has powerful abilities to help her team push sites or enemy positions. But her Guiding Light ability works slightly differently from other flash abilities since she deploys a hawk that can be controlled and detonated. Enemies can shoot the bird before it detonates, so Skye players must be careful with how they use the ability. 

A VALORANT player highlighted several useful spots on Bind where Skye’s Guiding Light ability can be deployed with little risk of being shot by enemies. 

Taking advantage of the environment is one of the most important factors when using Skye’s abilities. Many players will send the flash through the main entrance to sites, which most defending players will expect. But one VALORANT player highlighted alternative routes that are better than the traditional flash locations. 

In showers near A Site, for example, there’s a small opening in the ceiling that Skye’s Hawk can travel through to reach A site. Defending players are unlikely to expect the flash from above the map and are less likely to shoot the bird. An opening in hooka near B site also allows the Hawk to reach the middle lane without exiting the main hooka entrance. 

There are also spots where Skye’s flash can avoid entrances altogether. There’s a small wall near the entrance to the defenders spawn from B site. Players can fly Skye’s Hawk over the wall and take a sharp right to reach B site to surprise attackers defending the area. Most players won’t expect this location and it can help defending players retake the site. 

Some of these locations can be difficult to master initially, but a few rounds of practice will help you flash into sites for your teammates. The player also uploaded a video with other useful spots on other maps. Any players interested in using Skye should learn a few of these locations.