VALORANT player highlights Jett’s super dash on Ascent

Always look up.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player discovered a new super dash on Ascent that allows Jett player to see most of the center of the map with ease. 

VALORANT player zennylava posted a short clip showing a way to soar high into the sky using Jett’s dash and Sage’s wall on Ascent. The Sage player must place their wall in a specific spot near Market and stand near it to allow the Jett player to complete the super dash. If done correctly, players can fly high into the air, seeing most of mid. They can also escape danger from enemies pushing toward B site as they are unlikely to look up. 

This tactic requires two players and multiple abilities, but it can be effective in certain situations. The Jett player won’t be able to shoot enemies in mid unless they use their ultimate ability as normal weapons will be inaccurate. But they can still check if an enemy is rotating or pushing through mid, helping them call out enemy movements with ease. 

Dashing into the air can also help surprise enemies pushing from B Main. The clip shows how a normal weapon is the wrong choice, but shooting unsuspecting enemies from above with knives is a different story. Effective Jett players can quickly secure several kills to buy their teammates time o rotate and retake the site. 

Mastering this super dash will likely take a few tries and is not always worth it, but remember it if you need a surprising play.

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