VALORANT player highlights Brimstone molly line-up spot on Split

Use this to safely win rounds.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players can use Brimstone’s molly to cover the spike from the attackers’ spawn on Split and prevent defenders from defusing.

The spike must be planted behind the B-site box toward B Heaven. Once the spike is planted, Brimstone players must stand in a specific spot in B Lobby and line their crosshairs up with a specific gap. Once they're in the right position, they must look up and find a specific area of a building outside of the map and aim at the corner. 

If done correctly, Brimstone’s molly will land directly on the planted spike and prevent any players from defusing for a brief period. This can also kill enemies if they're low on health and easily win rounds. 

The plant spot required for this line-up tactic isn't the default position and does introduce a few risks. The area is in direct view of B Heaven and the entrance to the defenders' spawn, which means players must cover these areas while someone plants the spike. 

But this strategy can be useful in certain situations and can confuse the enemy. It will also make defenders waste time trying to find Brimstone since most attackers will stay near the spike after it's planted. 

Brimstone recently received a buff to make him a more viable agent and to raise his pick rate. Many players have returned or started experimenting with the character and line-up spots like this could likely make him a more popular choice. 

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