VALORANT player highlights a Sage wall position on Icebox to surprise the enemy

Use this sparingly.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player has found a useful spot for Sage’s wall on Icebox that can be used to see directly into A Main from A Site.

Sage’s wall is an excellent ability that can help cover a team from enemy fire or cut off an entrance to control enemy movement. Most players use the wall as a defensive tool, but some use it to reach new locations or get a better angle on the enemies. One VALORANT player recently found a spot for  Sage’s wall that allows players to see directly into A main at the beginning of a round. 

A VALORANT player uploaded a short clip of them placing Sage’s wall in the tube in the center of A Site on Icebox. If a player jumps and places the wall simultaneously, they’ll land on top of it and have an excellent view of A Main. A player with an Operator can easily secure a pick on an unsuspecting enemy, but the position also has several flaws. 

One of the biggest issues is how the spot leaves players open to enemies pushing from A Belt. Most teams will send at least one player from this angle when pushing the site and a player caught on top of the wall is an easy kill. The elevated position also makes it hard to escape, especially if you miss your shots. 

While this position isn’t practical for every round, it can secure a kill on an unsuspecting player. Remember this cheeky trick if you need a gimmick to help break an attack or maintain a lead.

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