VALORANT player finds another Cypher Spy Cam exploit on Breeze

A site is a Cypher player's heaven.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player has found another spot on Breeze where Cypher’s Spy Cam can see through a texture and provide an unfair advantage. 

Cypher’s Spy Cam is a great way to gather information on the enemy team and track their movements without putting yourself in danger. Players have found dozens of useful spots for the camera where it can see enemies without being detected. There are also spots where the camera can see through objects and textures despite being hidden from the enemy, creating an unfair advantage and a potential exploit. 

Vivo Keyd was recently punished for using one of these exploits on Breeze at VCT Champions and was forced to replay the map. And now, a VALORANT player has found another location where defenders can cover A site with a hidden camera. 

VALORANT player TPAXTOP posted a video showing an “improved illegal Cypher cam on Breeze” and has found another way to watch the site by peeking through an object. This camera location is above the right corner of the A-Main entrance and provides a decent view of the area below. The camera can see through the metal awning above the entryway, while players can’t see the camera from the opposite side. 

As with any glitch or exploit, steer clear of using this spot in public matches to avoid ruining the experience for others. This is also technically an exploit and could be a punishable offense by Riot Games. Double-check this spot if an enemy Cypher seems to always know your location on Breeze’s A site. 

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