VALORANT player discovers site-covering Viper ultimate on Icebox

Don't get caught in the smoke.

Image via Riot Games

Viper’s ultimate ability, Viper’s Pit (X), can be one of the most constricting abilities in VALORANT if used correctly. One Viper player, though, recreated a way to use the ability perfectly on the map Icebox, nearly covering the entirety of B site, as well as a few important surrounding locations.

In a clip posted to Reddit earlier today, a Viper player showcased their ability to use the agent’s ultimate in a way that allowed them to obscure vision of almost all of B site on Icebox, as well as a few other key locations. Notably, the hallway that connects the top of B site to the Kitchen was covered by the Viper ultimate, while almost the entire Kitchen itself was covered as well. 

To pull off this practically perfect setup, the Viper player stood on the edge of the upper level of the structure on B site with their back facing the Tube in the middle of the map. While aiming their crosshair at the second-to-last tile on the right side of the structure, the Viper player cast their ultimate, creating a billowing cloud of green smoke over the whole of Icebox’s B-site. The ultimate covered B site’s default plant location, leaving only the back-side of the site exposed. 

The VALORANT player who posted the clip to Reddit said they had seen a similar Viper ultimate setup used during this month’s VCT Champions tournament. Fnatic’s Mistic used Viper’s ultimate similarly in the first round of VCT Champions, covering almost as much ground with the ability as the player in the clip. In an effort to recreate what they had seen in pro play, the player ended up pulling off this ultra-precise setup that covered a strong portion of the site.

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