VALORANT player discovers Nanoswarm lineup on Bind

Use this to push enemies from hiding spots.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players are constantly finding new lineups for abilities that can help attackers take sites with ease. One of the latest lineups is for Killjoy’s Nanoswarm grenade that can clear out B tube on Bind. 

A Killjoy player uploaded a short clip today demonstrating how to push enemies out of B tube with an easy lineup from B long. Players need to find a white mark on the wall in B long and face towards the site. After the Nanoswarm grenade is equipped, lineup the left mouse button prompt on-screen with the corner of the building above B site. If done correctly, the Nanoswarm will land directly on top of B tube. 

Players can activate the Nanoswarm grenade to flush enemies out from hiding for easy kills. Combining this lineup with a coordinated push can easily overwhelm defenders on the site, and they will have to adjust their playstyle for the remainder of the half. 

Lineups for various abilities are slowly becoming necessary to excel in VALORANT. This is a strategy familiar to veteran CS:GO players, since it is almost impossible to take a site without the use of the utility. 

Learning a few lineups or spots for your main agent’s abilities can help you be a valuable part of any team. Take the time to learn lineups on each map to make it easier to push sites or defend key points.