VALORANT player discovers Cypher spycam exploit that shows Split’s Sewers and other hiding spots

Another one.

Image via Riot Games

When Cypher claims that “nothing stays hidden” from him, he isn’t joking.

One VALORANT player uncovered a cheeky camera spot on Split that can reveal enemies from a multitude of locations, posting the video last night.

When facing the wall directly across Sewers’ ropes, players can plant the spycam and get an excellent vantage point. You might have to hop a bit to pull it off, however, since the location is outside of the map.

Once the camera latches on, enemies running through Sewers will be visible. But it doesn’t stop there. The spycam can also show opponents hiding around the corner that leads to A ramps, as well as the cubby under A heaven.

Though this is data that players shouldn’t have, its use is fairly limited. Attacking teams don’t gain anything from placing the camera there at the beginning of a round. It can help watch the flank, though. And defenders won’t be able to push out that far on A unless the enemy team goes B, making the camera relatively useless.

The spycam seems more useful in the later stages of a round when teams have to call an audible and don’t know where their opponents are.

Since the spycam location may give players an unfair advantage, Riot will likely patch it out. The VALORANT dev team already removed several spycam exploits across all three maps in Patch 0.50. With the game being in closed beta, there are likely more spots that haven’t been discovered yet.